How Much Are You Prepared to Pledge?

To judge the level of support we have for this project we would be grateful if you could give us an idea of how much money you are prepared to pledge. No money changes hands at this stage and this is not a financial commitment on your part.

There are two methods to pledge funds. One is paper-based. The second method is online via the form below.

No funds or card details are taken and no personal data will be made available publicly.[1]

The Paper Method

If you wish your pledge amount to be known to the group's chairperson only then please print this letter, complete the form at the end and return to the address provided.

Or The Online Method

On the other hand, the easiest thing to do is to complete the form below and click 'Pledge Now'

  1. Data transmitted via this form is sent via email and as such may pass through servers owned by other companies. ↩︎

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