Little by Little....

We want to provide an update on our progress, and it’s actually quite hard to tell you definitely where we’re at in the process.

From our side, things are going well. At this stage, following the submission of a mountain of paperwork, it appears we have the finance in place to complete the sale. We’re beginning to make plans to recruit staff -including a manager, and building a strategy so that from the opening we provide the services the village wants the pub to provide. Oh, and beer, we’re sourcing great beer.

The survey is done and the results are in! Where the uncertainty lies is that we have an obvious need to safeguard your money, and have to be certain about the condition and maintenance requirements of an aging pub to avoid costly surprise repairs. Making sure all the relevant licences and public amenity conditions are met is another vital step. So far there is a substantial gap between what we prudently need and what we are being provided with from the vendors. All we can do is stick to what we consider fair (and often legally required) requests, and hope to receive a suitable response. Certainly without this remaining information we cannot exchange and move toward completion.

Personally, we’re very keen to move to the next stage because that’s the exciting bit – and has beer - so we hope that the gap between our needs and the vendors responses can be narrowed very soon.

We’re also pleased to announce that an anonymous villager has agreed to pay £50,000 for the honour of renaming the pub. We’re not so pleased that it’s going to be ‘Pubby McPubface', but money is money......Only joshing with you (although we're open to offers..)

Thank you for your patience, if you feel frustrated at any point do what we're doing - focus on that first pint of beer in our very own pub.

Little by Little....
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