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The Home Straight

We're well on the way to completing our funding so now it’s the
final push. We still need your support!

  • We have raised £70,000 in pledges – A big 'Thank you!'
  • We are finalising a grant & loan of £100,000!
  • We need to raise an extra £130,000 of which we'd like to see £80,000 of shares.

In case you didn't know - the biggest news is that we have been awarded Advanced Approval to qualify as an SEIS scheme. This means investors could receive 50% relief against their income tax bill and also relief against any Capital Gains Tax liabilities. For example, when it comes to income tax...

  • If you buy £100 of shares you could receive an income tax discount of £50
  • £1000 of shares could get you £500 off your income tax bill
  • Or the maximum £30,000 investment would get a whopping £15,000 discount!

Add any Capital Gains Tax you owe and deduct 50% off that too! When was the last time the Inland Revenue gave you anything?

So far we've had pledges from approximately 20% of the households in the village, which is an incredible response. All we need is the same again and we will have reached our target.


We're hosting a meet and greet information event at The Village
Hall, Northwold on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May 2018 from 12.00pm.
There will be a BBQ, beer and a chance to speak with the team.

Please bring your questions and cheque books – we are in the home straight!

-- Tom (Treasurer)


Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I have sold burgers at the seaside in Kent. I’ve swept roads in Leicestershire, I’ve gone door to door doing market research. I’ve managed a team on a billion dollar product. Now I do this.

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