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Goodbye Dome. Hello New Home.

The last month or so has been a real-eye opener for me. I hope that it's also been a welcoming and rewarding experience for you too.

As we take down the main structure we're already forming plans for the next series of pop-ups. Will it be your garden? Your shed? A barn or field with a friendly landlord, or somewhere much closer? We have ideas, they're not yet set in concrete but we are laying foundations for things to come.

At each event so far I've observed what I would consider to be fun social interaction. Members of our community have met their neighbours, shared a meal with them, bought each other drinks. Tensions have arisen, fears have been subsided and the overall impression is that a social space in Northwold is a necessary one. I've seen only good come of our 'pub'.

There are one or two rumours that I'd like to put to rest and I'll do that in a future post. For now I'd like to thank all of the committee, volunteers and customers that have made the past few weekends - which have been immensely hard work - worthwhile. There's a few special mentions at the end but if your name's not on the list it's not because I'm ungrateful, I'm just forgetful after a few beers (and some of those days were very, very long!).

'Pop-Up' Paul - for the loan of the first garden
Toni & Malcolm - for putting up with us despite recovering from an op
Becky, Kya and Jacobie - for your work in the kitchen
'Irish' John - for not wearing his Speedos
'American' Steve - for teaching me about ICYC
Tom & Dick - for the loan of the heaters we so desperately needed
Gary Cater - for going above and beyond with his support
Mark, James & Rodney at Beeston Brewery - you can guess why
Abbie & John at Shouldham - for the inspiration, equipment and know-how
Nathan, Blake, Tommy, Maeve & Colin at TwistUp! - for everything, especially the amazing dome
Tony, Emma, Kate, Clare, Clair, Saskia, Viv, Trevor, Zoe, Holly, Julia - for volunteering so hard (and drinking so much)
SoulPad - for the loan of much needed equipment, knowledge and sponsorship
Nell and Jemima - for not giving up when the washing up pile grew and grew
NSSC - for the loan of tables, chairs and whatnot
Northwold Village Hall - More tables, chairs, tablecloths, crockery & cutlery

The list goes on, but I won't. I must just mention the steering committee who have jumped into this wholeheartedly despite sometimes short notice and my overactive imagination.

And lastly to my darling wife, Zoe, who is tidying up the weekend's remains as I lie here immobile. What a star she is!

Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I've lived in Northwold since 2005, ran an after school club here and proudly supported village life where time allowed.

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Goodbye Dome. Hello New Home.
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