The Crown Affair

The big news is that the ACV was granted by the Borough Council!

For those of you new to this item, ACV stands for Asset of Community Value. The Crown is now entered on the local authority’s register and will remain there for five years. This entry happened at the second time of asking, so it was a relief that the council could agree that the only pub left in the village was something a community would value. The owners are yet to inform the council of their intention to sell. That notification will trigger the 6 week period during which we can register our interest in bidding for the pub and begins the six month countdown to raise the necessary funds. Of course, we all know the pub is for sale but the Council require formal notification of this. It's most likely not going to happen before the time to request a review of the decision is over on the 3rd January. Not a problem for us: we gain more fundraising time and the opportunity to have more fun along the way!

While the ACV is a thing to be celebrated, it puts the owners under no compulsion to sell to us, it’s purely a holding action so we can raid our piggy banks, attract investors, and make ourselves serious contenders. A valuation has been made and we’re off to a great start with £54,800 already pledged. There are fund raising events planned for the New Year which, as well as adding to the bank balance, should be a great social boost to the village. We’ll give you details of those shortly. We’re also busy preparing approaches to various bodies that award grants. What better way to spend winter evenings than filling out endless forms? We’ll need a place with alcohol by the time this is done.

If you have any fund-raising ideas please let us know, and if you’d like to help us organise, that would be welcome too.

2018 is going to be a make or break year for the village. Pub, or no pub? It’s down to all of us.

The Crown Affair
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