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On Your Marks, Get Set...

... Go! And we're off to a blazing start.

With the first bout of pledging now complete I'd like to share with you a few statistics. Nothing fancy.

The total pledged as of Friday 13th October 2017 is a staggering...


Our CBS is now registered and that means we can begin the process of opening our bank account. So we'll soon be asking you to translate your pledges into real money.

Here's how your figures break down;

Pledges: 45

Average Pledge: £973.33

Most Frequent Pledge: £1000.00

Minimum Pledge: £50.00

Maximum Pledge: £10,000.00

Northwold, Whittington and those further afield should be very proud of yourselves. In only two weeks you've shown your valuable commitment to this project. There are fundraisers, crowd-funding and other sources of finance yet to come and they will all be buoyed by the fact the community has shown themselves to be so willing.

Here's a couple of graphs. The first one shows the most popular pledge amount is £1000, closely followed by £500.

Frequency of Pledge Amounts

The next chart illustrates that most people preferred to pledge on paper than online. Perhaps it feels more legit to have it written down, perhaps we're not so internet-friendly and prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. Don't forget that the online form wasn't working right from the start so that probably had something to do with this. The 'Other' method accounts for those who pledged via Messenger or SMS message.

Frequency of Pledge Amounts

Onwards and upwards everyone. Cheers!

Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I've lived in Northwold since 2005, ran an after school club here and proudly supported village life where time allowed.

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On Your Marks, Get Set...
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