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£2500 Bursary Awarded

This morning the Plunkett Foundation emailed us to confirm our £2500 bursary award!

Thank you, Plunkett Foundation!

This money will help us to achieve our goal of a community pub. It will alleviate us of some of the initial setup costs necessary in a project of this size, the most important of which is setting up a legal entity - a Community Benefit Society - to further the community cause.

When the Steering Group next meet we'll know the Parish Council's decision on re-nomination and we'll have a much clearer picture of how the Borough Council reached their decision. At this time we're uncertain even if our borough Councillors were involved with the ACV process!

Within a few days we'll have a much clearer view of how best to proceed. In the meantime enjoy the Northwold Beer Festival hosted by the Northwold Sports & Social Club this weekend and don't forget to come along to the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 5th September.

Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I have sold burgers at the seaside in Kent. I’ve swept roads in Leicestershire, I’ve gone door to door doing market research. I’ve managed a team on a billion dollar product. Now I do this.

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£2500 Bursary Awarded
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