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The recent decision by the Borough Council that the Crown Inn is not of 'important local social benefit' has raised a few eyebrows.

It is not my place to speculate why customer numbers have dwindled. I have my reasons for going to The Crown or choosing to go elsewhere - and you will have yours. It's time for you to voice your opinions directly to the Borough Council and we have very kindly been told who we should direct our concerns to. You will see an example email you can use to show your support of our campaign at the end of this post.

If you wish to use the email template you can just copy and paste. By all means add your own reasons to the email if you feel they are not catered for in the text but you must keep it clean and polite.

Send your email with the subject as 'Crown Inn, Northwold' to [email protected], she will keep them safely. Remember to include your name, address and postcode in email correspondence with the Borough Council.

Don't forget to let us know in the comments below or on Facebook once you've sent your email.

As a concerned resident of Northwold I call on King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council to support the ACV nomination of the Crown Inn at 30 High Street, Northwold and allow the community the right to bid for purchase.

It is realistic to think that given the correct community attention The Crown Inn could be furthering the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community.

I believe that a community pub will best serve the local residents by providing not only a community space but local jobs, training and will aid fundraising for much-needed local projects within the parish and neighbouring parishes.

The Council's most recent decision to deny the ACV listing of this pub seems to focus on dwindling customer numbers and a lack of use - the reasons for which are many and varied but mostly due to;

  • Personal opinions of the current freeholders
  • Lack of predictable opening hours
  • Not serving the needs of the local community
  • Current freeholder's lack of desire to run a pub.

I urge you to consider the important local social benefit attained by The Crown Inn along with the local feeling towards potentially losing the last remaining public house in Northwold.

Thank you for your support.

Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I've lived in Northwold since 2005, ran an after school club here and proudly supported village life where time allowed.

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