Support from the Parish Council

The Parish Council have decided to "strongly support" our ACV nomination!

At last night's extraordinary[1] meeting there was a unanimous decision to support the nomination. Clearly this happened because so many of you expressed interest and enthusiasm for community ownership of the Crown Inn.

Here's a paragraph from the meeting minutes;

The application to nominate the Crown Inn as an asset of community value was discussed. It was noted that there have been two very well attended public meetings regarding the Crown Inn and that there was a great deal of community support and enthusiasm for progressing the project and saving the Crown from closure. It was unanimously agreed that as a representative of the parish the Parish Council must strongly support the application.

The Borough Council will hopefully take the Parish Council's support as a clear indication of the community's feelings towards the pub. The next step is up to them and is due to be delivered by 11th August.

Thanks to those who attended either of the public meetings. Your support so far is helping to push this project forwards.

You can read the full minutes here.


  1. The Parish Council meeting was 'Extraordinary' in the sense that it was not originally scheduled to take place. ↩︎

Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I've lived in Northwold since 2005, ran an after school club here and proudly supported village life where time allowed.

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Support from the Parish Council
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