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Dave, Cheryl & I finally managed to chat about things pub related. Events have conspired to prevent us getting together before now but after a very positive meeting at the pub this morning, Dave & Cheryl would like you all to know they will be happy to sell to the community at the right price.

If our community can make this work for them, it will also work for us. I felt their upset at the way I'd approached the 'Pub For Sale' problem was perhaps a little unjustified - it was really just a matter of bad timing - but I do sympathise with them over some of the hurtful comments they've read on Facebook recently. I freely admit I've been a bit slack in policing the group because we're all grown-ups, right? From now on the group moderators and I will be removing posts that are abusive or insulting. Please save us the hassle.

In summary - Cheryl & Dave would like to sell to the community and we'd like to buy.

It's up to us now to pull together and make this happen. There's a lot going on behind the scenes but this team will do their best to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible.

Mark Vanderstay

Mark Vanderstay

I've lived in Northwold since 2005, ran an after school club here and proudly supported village life where time allowed.

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A Little Chat
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